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Freestyle Photography Workshop


It will be more learning about fashionable posing, using natural lighting to your advantage & giving constructive direction. Showing how to create the look and feel of the styled images you see on my site. Later I could include how I edit my images using my own custom presets, but for now let’s just start at the beginning.  Let me help you “see what I see”

Edited with my One Click LR Preset - Moody

Edited with my One Click LR Preset - Moody

My version of a great workshop is where I actually get to photograph the model and the instructor helps me along as I go.  I learn from trying new things and angles not just watching a video. But, even the word workshop just makes it sound like WORK - yuck! 

So, here’s my idea, I want a group of like-minded photographers to get together and do a freestyle walkabout photography workshop! Yikes… That’s a mouthful!

I will show you how “I see the shot” even before the shot is constructed and the executed.  I will help pose & direct the model... Take a couple shots to make sure it’s what I envision... Then it’s your turn.  I can give as much or as little direction as you ask for.  I can answer posing & styling questions.  I can show you angles to shoot from & help guide your perception.  I’m seriously an open book!

Tulle & Lace Dress created for about $60 Edited with my LR Preset - Portra-ish

Tulle & Lace Dress created for about $60 Edited with my LR Preset - Portra-ish

A little bit about me and "my why" I was given my first sewing machine when I was a child and would spend hours making all my own barbie clothes. I have had a deep seeded love for fashion & design as far back as I can remember. I used to spend hours drawing gown & shoe designs. I started modeling on the runway for Intermedia Modeling Agency when I was 15. I continued with both Neil Hamel & as a Freelance Model up to the age of 28. If there's one thing I learned, it's how to move my body for the camera.

Countless times I hear... I don't know how to move. I don't know what to do? A lot of photographers struggle with posing people as well. Knowing how to pose people is a BIG deal. Why do you think they have books and cheat sheets for posing! 

Because of my unique perspective, I am able to direct and mold my clients into aesthetically pleasing positions that appear to be their natural movement. Simple terms, "I can make anyone look graceful and refined."

I have lined up a couple gorgeous models that I personally can't wait to add to my own portfolio. They will be professionally styled to my personal taste. You add your creative vision to the mix and watch the magic happen!

I am also the DIY Queen of photography on a budget. You don’t have to have the most expensive equipment to capture beautiful images. You only need the dream to start, the drive to create, and the stamina to finish!

Come have an afternoon of learning, laughs & creative spontaneity!

The freestyle workshop is only $150 - Limited availability 8 photographers

We have two dates available:  February 11th & March 25th starting at 2 PM and shooting until dark. We have chosen two locations to choose from, Organic wild texture field in Santa Fe, TX or Urban Chic art district in Galveston, TX. Examples of both are shown.

This Freestyle Workshop is Ideal for serious amateur photographers, professional photographers, Freelance Photographers, anyone who would like to take their photography to the next level.

Photographers are responsible for bringing their own photography equipment. This is a free style workshop, it's a fun and educational shoot with some unique perspectives and a lot of laughs.