Austin Tx Documentary Style Portraiture

 Austin Tx Documentary Style Portraiture

“Sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

-Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

As a natural light photographer, I gain such inspiration from nature. The newness of a tender bud, the mystery of a secluded clearing. I love exploring new places, experiencing new things.

Because of this, I developed a“see and find” style session. This works especially well with little ones, such as this precious little gal. We went out to a quaint orange orchard nestled inside a thirty-acre pasture and let her lead the way. This approach works well simply because of the fact that I get the opportunity to capture true emotions. Look through the pictures and you can see her adventurous spirit shine through her eyes. As I watched her through my lens, for a fleeting moment, I was granted the opportunity to see through her eyes; through the eyes of a child. As adults, we have the tendency to stop seeing the wonder in nature. To us, a small grouping of fruit trees.... To her, a maze of green and orange. An adventure, ripe for the picking.

My goal as an Austin, Tx photographer, is to document this time of wonder in people’s lives. Regardless of age. Think back to your engagement, your wedding day, to that anticipatory time in your life waiting on the arrival of your first baby...

All of these times are filled with wonder, excitement and adventure. My job? To help you remember these fleeting, precious moments.

Treasure this life guys, it truly is such a gift.